ADAM-HOUSTON Energy Network is a private community for members of the Oil and Gas, Acquisition & Divestiture community in Houston.

ADAM-Houston Energy Network is a new networking organization in Houston that is focused on bringing oil and gas professionals in the acquisitions, divestitures and mergers (A, D & M, “ADAM”) arena together to further industry business development in a relaxed, enjoyable social environment.

ADAM-Houston’s endeavor is to provide members and guests with opportunities to meet and interact with others involved in oil and gas transactions and to create efficiencies through shared information and ideas.

ADAM-Houston's vehicle for this endeavor is to conduct monthly meetings with the twofold purpose of enhancing business development contact sources and presenting a network for both member and non-member company presentations and topical discussions directly related to acquiring, divesting or merging oil and gas assets.

ADAM-Houston will promote the enjoyment of business relationships through business casual lunch meetings and social events in a relaxed, comfortable environment.